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Having your air conditioner break down in Orlando, FL can be a miserable experience. With the heat rising, having a reliable air condtioning company come to your home for air conditioner repair is important. We can diagnose and repair any brand system, and we will always provide honest quotes. Our expertise in repairing air conditioners means you can feel confident we will get it done quickly, which means less time in the heat for you and your family!


Florida air conditioner repairs are crucial to keeping your HVAC system running smoothly. Here in Florida we use our air conditioner almost all year long, and this can exhaust your Air conditioning unit. It’s important to repair any issues with your system as soon as possible, to avoid a domino effect. When something does go wrong, sometimes it’s a simple fix! We take pride on being an honest air conditioning company in Orlando, FL. We wont push you to the more expensive option, we’ll tell you what’s going on and get everything fixed properly! We’ll diagnose and repair your air conditioning system by experienced technicians.


A heat pump system is an air conditioning system that directs air in multiple directions, compared to a straight cool system. Both provide cold and hot air, but a heat pump system may be better for your home if you have a larger area. Heat pump systems are more complex systems, and require an experienced professional to diagnose and repair any issues. Neat Air and Heat has extensive knowledge on heat pump systems.


Every great air conditioning system needs a great thermostat. It’s the neck supporting the head of every AC. We understand the various types of thermostats that will give you the functionality you desire in your home. Sometimes your thermostat can be creating issues for your air conditioner. We can repair and replace your thermostat, and give you more control of your home comfort.

Allow us to show you the many ways you can have control over the climate of your home in every room. Ask us about a NEST thermostat!

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